"Can I wear skate clothes if I don't skate?"

This is a stupid, but serious subject that's becoming more and more prominent every day, and needs to be addressed. It's resulted in so many ridiculously dumb fights and arguments in my life, that I think it is necessary to make clear the position ZATIS takes on this subject.

Think about it this way: Would you wear a jersey or logo for a sports team even though you've never played the sport? Sure why not, if you watch and support the team no problem. Would you wear a jersey/logo for a team who you've never seen play? Not unless you're ok with being a total poser.

Now skateboarding has teams, but it is NOT a sport as it's not about competition, it is a lifestyle and a from of creative self expression, turning this concrete wasteland into a playground. Skateboarding is a culture and wearing Thrasher when you've never opened a thrasher mag in your life is cultural appropriation plain and simple. Basic bitches and hypebeast posers think it makes them look edgy to dress skater, but they have no actual interest in being skaters. People will line up days ahead of time for new Supreme drops, but they've never watched any of the Supreme skate edits. It's just sad because it shows how superficial people can be about labels and have no interest in digging deeper into the labels meaning.

If you don't skate, but you think skating is dope, you love watching it, and you know what the logos represent, then fuck yes, go support skate companies and skate shops. They need every dollar they can get. Just don't buy skate gear anywhere other than locally owned skate/surf/snowboard shops and similar online shops. Local board shops keep local rippers employed and working with what they love most.

Don't help outsource skateboarding to running shoe companies and men in suits who don't even know which direction the trucks should face on a board. Don't sell your soul, and don't be a poser.

Your ego is not your amigo.

If you're into skateboarding because it looks cool and you want to impress others, then you're in it for all the wrong reasons, and you don't really know skateboarding. If you are not comfortable with looking like a fool sometimes then give away your skateboard, because "If you skateboard, you can't be afraid to have people laugh at you" - the Gonz. Skating is about having fun anyway you can, and fooling around is how people discover new tricks. Skateboarding should be 100% fooling around and having fun, even when you're serious as fuck about landing a trick. The coolest part of skating is not having to be cool at all. Fitting in is for sheep. If some people don't like how you roll, then don't fuck with them. Keep negativity out of your life and live however you feel happiest, and also try not to fuck up anybody else's trip along the way. That being said, it's also scientifically proven that you get a greater sense of gratification from giving gifts than from receiving gifts, and happiness is way stronger when it's shared with other people. So I'm not saying be super self centered, but do what you do for yourself and no one else. If you seek out others approval, you will never be truly happy or blissful, and your ego will inflate only to be popped over and over. True happiness comes from within, and true happiness is even better when shared with friends and loved ones.