ZATIS is a skate/surf/snow-boarding company focused on psychedelic mind expansion by creating and sharing all forms of art to decorate the world around us. The literal greek translation of "psychedelic" is to reveal the soul, or to manifest the mind and that is exactly what we aim to do. Through art we hope to introduce new ways of thinking to people, and provide apparel for like minded people to express themselves. 
Art is self expression, and skateboarding is an art, not a sport. Skateboarding is like some highly addictive psychedelic drug that permanently changes your perception of the world around you, from a dreary concrete cage, into a jungle playground filled with infinite way to get stoked. With a skateboard something as boring as a ledge or a red curb suddenly become an outlet for endless entertainment only limited by your abilities, creativity, and drive to push yourself to new ability levels. Without a skateboard all you can do with a bench is sit ur ass on it. Handrails are meant to stabilize old people on stairs and skaters try to see if they can balance grinding down a thin rail without eating shit or killing their future babies. Empty pools to normal people mean no fun, but to a skater an empty pool is waaaaaay more fun than a wet pool. Skateboards forever change your world into a playground and provide you an endless source of freedom.

Through apparel and skateboards we create functional art for you to express your own  a e s t h e t i c  taste. When you wear art, you not only look fly as fuck, but you also decorate the world around you. You take a piece of the art gallery out into the streets. Printing art on clothes and skateboards turns art from a stagnant wall decoration into art that you carry with you. Skateboard art is shreddable art that also carries you through this insane world, drowning out all the surrounding bogus with the blissful rumble of your wheels. Just always keep in mind that you don't skate hard or dress nice to impress other people, you do it for your own creative self expression. We'd like to remind you that your ego is not your amigo, and if you take life to seriously, you're gana have a bad time. If you constantly seek the approval of others (aka if you're a poser) you will never truly be happy and your ego will inflate only to burst in your face over and over. Do the shit you do for yourself and don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks, and you will live life a lot more happy.