ZATIS ZINES is a (maga)Zine series focused on bringing back physical entertainment media in the digital age.

Today people scroll through social media and scan a stunning masterpiece for at most 30 seconds, hit like, and keep scrolling. That art is then lost in the ever growing void of the internet, and you will likely never see it again. The internet is an amazing tool but the vast amount of information constantly available desensitizes you to art. Any skater knows that watching insane pro skaters on video can make huge stair sets and unbelievable trick combos seem like nothing, but when you roll up to the stair set in person that shits fucking huge. Art galleries will always exist despite the vast amount of art available online because when you see art in person it has the ability to shoot shivers down your spine and make you feel those unexplainably deep feelings that remind you that you are not just a meme processing machine.

ZATIS ZINES aims to be a miniature art gallery of sorts, sharing our own art and the art of many people we come into contact with so that it can be analyzed for much more than 30 seconds, and instead of getting lost in the internet aether void, it can sit on a bookshelf, or coffee table, or on the back of your toilet to distract you while you shit.  Back in the days before digital, people made zines to get their local music, art, and skateboard scene more widespread recognition. Through ZATIS ZINES, we aim share the work of the many artists we meet, an also provide a medium for all the artwork we create that doesn't fit on skateboards or apparel.

If you are interested in contributing to ZATIS ZINES, drop us a line under the contact tab.